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7 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Sun In Summer

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Summer is right around the corner with temperatures soaring high with each passing day. While skincare is an important beauty routine to follow to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation, your hair strands need to be protected too. If the hair undergoes prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun, the outermost layer of the strands which are known as cuticles is damaged. It can even cause damage to the hair shaft and lead to various hair concerns like discolouration, early greying, brittle strands, thinking and frizziness. To avoid this, it is very important to take care of your hair, as much as it is to protect your skin from extreme climatic conditions.

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Follow these easy hair care tips for summer

Use haircare products like leave-in conditioners or hair serums which form a thin layer over the hair strands. It may protect the hair from the direct effects of harmful UV radiation and is a protective layer for the mane.

The sun’s strong rays act as bleach for the hair strands, causing frizziness and eventually drying them out. The sun’s rays act with the melanin in the hair and remove the colour from the strands. It also damages the protein called keratin in the hair. So it is advisable to refrain from colouring the hair during summer to avoid any further damage.

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Using leave-in conditioners and serums is not enough alone to protect the hair strands from sun damage. You need to deep condition the hair regularly by adding the process to your beauty routine. Pollutants, dust, hair-styling treatments can damage the hair shaft leading to dull, frizzy and lifeless hair. Deep conditioning them regularly can help them to retain moisture and stay hydrated.

If you shampoo your hair every day, it is time to go once a week. Due to the heat of the summer, natural oil from the hair is already wiped out. Regularly shampooing the hair can cause the hair to lose its natural oil even more thus leading to brittle and frizzy hair.

The harmful rays of the sun cause oxidative damage to the hair and to reverse its effects it is important to include a lot of coloured fruits and vegetables in the diet. Include fruits and vegetables which have antioxidant properties.

As much as the skin needs to be applied with sunscreen before going out in the scorching heat, the scalp too needs protection. After combing your hair, before going out, apply hair sunscreen on the scalp. It will protect the scalp from the direct impact of UV radiation.

Covering the hair is the most common way to protect the hair strands in summer. Use an umbrella or wear a hat or a cap while going outdoors in the sun. You can also style a scarf and keep it stylish and chic.

We hope you find this useful in protecting our hair strands this summer season.

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