ZFLL Sexy Doll Full Life Size for Women


Amazon.com has offers on ZFLL Ṣẹxy Ḍọllsforfull Ḷịfẹ Ṣịzẹ for Women Realistic Love-Doles Sēx Dǒlly for Men P’óckētP’ǔsšý Foot Sēx Lovē D-ǒlls for Men Female Torso Lifesize Silicone D-ǒlls Adult Toys 15.4Lbs BWGHSDA0514 by WHNB for $162.75 + shipping is free…

About this item

  • ★★★★★ Real character simulation, real experience, fast delivery; perfect size; exquisite packaging; best gift.
  • ★ 3D realistic and realistic channel structure: Designed with two entrances for you to explore; with internal floating point for continuous massage and stimulation, it will bring you an incredible experience overnight.
  • ★Physical body of man-made silicone: It is made of high-quality TPE material, healthy and odorless. You do not need to worry about whether it is harmful to your health.
  • ★Two-in-one torso doll: You can touch it with one hand. There are many small raised particles on the 3D internal structure, which can stimulate you in all directions, and every time you pull it, it will bring a new feeling.
  • ★Perfect size and design, easy to carry, easy to hide, easy to use.

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