Zayn Malik Unleashes Explicit Twitter Rant in Defense of Ex Gigi Hadid


A series of tweets on Wednesday where Malik wrote “you aren’t the person you said you were” led many to believe he was referring to his on-again/off-again girlfriend.

Zayn Malik is still all fired up on social media, but he wants to make sure his fans aren’t sending their own online rage at the wrong target, namely his on-again/off-again girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

While he still hasn’t made it clear who he was targeting on April 3 in a series of expletive-filled tweets, the former One Direction singer is clearly still in a complicated emotional space, even as he was trying to deflect some of the social media rage against his apparent ex (again).

Telling even in his defense of Hadid, who he described as “the most amazing woman I’ve ever known,” Malik wrote of himself that she has always loved and supported him “when lord knows I don’t deserve it.” Clearly something has him down, but he’s making it clear it’s definitely not Hadid.

In fact, on Thursday night he came at his own followers with anger that they’d started attacking the model after his cryptic tweets from the previous day. “My tweet was not about @GigiHadid,” he wrote, “So leave her the f–k alone.”

He targeted his tirade at “any dumb f–k out there that wants to make they’re [sic]own stories up.”

Hadid made a similar comment on her own Twitter feed Wednesday after she was seen out with longtime friend Samuel Krost last week and some outlets began reporting that the couple was dating. Clearly the speculation was bothering everyone involved, which makes the misunderstanding understandable. The attacks on Hadid, however, remain inappropriate.

In his cryptic untargeted Wednesday tirade, Malik used the triggering phrase, “You aren’t the person you said you were.” That single tweet was shared more than 48,000 times — much more than any other piece of his rant — and is a likely reason his supporters started thinking he was referring to Hadid, as she and Malik are believed to be again broken up, per People.

So the singer again took to Twitter on Thursday to set the record straight and try to convince his 28.3 million followers to leave Hadid alone. His final tweet on the matter (for now) sums up his thoughts pretty well, and was shared nearly as much as his “you aren’t the person” comment.

“If you know nothing, shut your f–king mouth,” he wrote. Wishful thinking there, of course, as that’s definitely not how social media tends to work.

Malik’s fans have been heavily invested in his relationship with Hadid, which has been on-again/off-again for the past several years. Most recently, they were believed to have rekindled their romance for a third time in March after having broken up again in January, per E!.

Clearly, Malik’s fans are just wanting happiness for the singer, whether that be with Hadid or not. But it’s his to find and attacking someone he cares about over a cryptic message that could be about anyone or really anything is certainly not the right way to show that support.

And Malik is clearly going through something right now, as evidenced by his “I don’t deserve it” comment about Hadid’s ongoing love and support, and so that is what he could probably use more of from his fans, not misdirected outrage.

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