WWHL Year in Review: Shadiest Moments and Juiciest Revelations of 2019


Oh we got lots of bombshells and shade throwing in store for you from the past year!

There were lots of bombs dropped and shade thrown on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” this year, and we’ve compiled the best moments into the listicle below.

Happy reminiscing!

Lisa Rinna Flips Off Nicollette Sheridan

Nicollette Sheridan was none too pleased when, on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Lisa Rinna accused her of cheating on Harry Hamlin with Michael Bolton when they were married in the ’90s.

Then, a caller on “WWHL” asked Rinna how she felt “about the accusations by Nicollette Sheridan against your marriage.” Sheridan, it should be noted, never actually said anything about Hamlin’s relationship with Rinna, simply called the Michael Bolton narrative “fake news.”

Rinna’s response: a sip from her rosé and the middle finger. “That’s how.”

Tinsley Mortimer’s Mom Outs Her for Dating Billy Bush

While appearing on “WWHL,” a caller asked Tinsley Mortimer if she and Billy Bush were dating after the two were linked back in June. Though she played it cool, her mother, Dale Mercer, did not.

“I don’t know Billy, but I did know she did have two dates with him!” said Dale, who was behind the bar.

Margaret Josephs Calls Danielle Staub ‘Implants on a Stick’

After tossing wine at Danielle Staub on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Margaret Josephs stopped by “WWHL” to continue the beatdown.

Margaret told Andy her co-star and former BFF “looks like implants on a stick” and “a turtle out of a shell,” adding that she has no regrets about throwing a drink “right in her face, on her rented dress.”

NeNe Leakes Has Beef with Lisa Vanderpump

A caller asked NeNe Leakes if she could “explain what’s going on” with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump. NeNe revealed she had expressed interest in the property where Lisa’s Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood is currently located, way before Lisa bought the property. NeNe claimed Lisa dissuaded her from buying the land so that she could get in on it.

Joe and Teresa: Unlocked

This entire interview was jaw-dropping. It was the couple’s first since Joe was released from ICE custody and prison! Both Teresa and Joe revealed they feel the other has cheated but denied any wrongdoing. As Andy pointed out, they spoke about their marriage as if it was in the past.

Scheana Shay’s Freezing Her Eggs

When the ladies of “Vanderpump Rules” stopped by “WWHL” in January, Scheana Shay revealed she was in the process of freezing her eggs.

“I’m freezing my eggs right now, so, eventually!” the 33-year-old reality star told Andy. “Literally, like, right now. Like, shots. I’m on day nine today.”

Andy said it was a “smart” move for Scheana, but Stassi Schroeder seemed annoyed she hadn’t been drinking.

Titus Burgess Calls Andy Cohen a ‘Messy Queen’ for This Question

When Titus Burgess appeared on “WWHL,” Andy said his co-star, Eddie Murphy, “was very problematic for the gays” earlier in his career. Though Burgess had only praise for Murphy, he later called out Cohen for trying to pit them against each other in a lengthy Instagram post the following morning.

Burgess called Cohen “a messy queen” for his question. “Yes I said it! Don’t care he knows either! He should remember his talk show isn’t an episode of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.'”

Matthew McConaughey Went Out With Janet Jackson

During a game of Plead the Fifth, Andy said to Matthew McConaughey, “There was a rumor that you once went out with Janet Jackson. Can you confirm or deny, and how would you describe your relationship with her?”

Before Andy could even get the last word out, Matthew started belly laughing. “You got the answer from that, didn’t you?” he finally said.

“Did I?” Andy asked before Matthew confirmed, “We went and had dinner one night. That was sorta it.”

Brian Austin Green Hooked Up with Tori Spelling

Brian Austin Green was asked if he and Tori Spelling ever had “a romantic relationship” by a caller who said Spelling herself said they had hooked up back in their “Beverly Hills, 90210” days. Though both stars have recently denied anything happened, Tori did say that they had sex while appearing on a lie detector show back in 2015.

BAG finally confirmed it himself, saying flat out, “We hooked up. We did. But we were young and so that’s what young people do.”

Chrissy Teigen Was Banned from ‘WWHL’ for 2 Years

“You know, I wasn’t allowed to do this show for two years after the first time I did it ’cause I got so blackout drunk,” Chrissy Teigen told Andy after the two watched a reel of the booziest moments of the show’s 10-year history.

When Cohen asked who placed the ban, Chrissy shouted, “Marisa! My publicist.”

He then smiled and said, “Oh, my God! Thank you, Marisa, for letting her do it now.”

Brooke Shields Reveals Who Beat Her for Job at ‘The View’

When asked if she was almost a co-host on “The View,” Brooke Shields confirmed the reports. “I went through a week of being on the show and I did all my homework, I take everything really seriously,” she said.

“And then they call me one day and I was directing at the Hollywood Bowl — I was directing ‘Chicago’ at the Hollywood Bowl — and I’m in the parking lot and get a call from the producer and he says we decided to go with Jenny McCarthy,” Shields recalled. “And I was like okay, she’s a friend, but you want one or the other. I think they were going for something different.”

Eva Longoria Got Wasted at Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

“When you were at Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries, did you notice anything that made you think it would only last 72 days?” a caller asked Eva Longoria.

“No, I don’t even remember the wedding,” she replied candidly. “Again, I was drunk most of the time.”

Lance Bass Shares Mile-High Schocker

“It was on a [Business Boeing Jet], ’cause it has a bed,” Lance Bass revealed. Cohen next asked him if it was before or after the Reicher years, referring to Bass’ one-time boyfriend Reichen Lemkuhl. The couple was in a relationship when Bass came out publicly in 2006, remaining together until early 2007.

“It was well before because it was with a woman,” Bass said with a wicked smile for the cameras. “I know, breaking news.”

Paris Hilton Calls Lindsay Lohan ‘Lame and Embarrassing’

Andy kicked off a game of Plead the Fifth by asking Paris Hilton if she could say three nice things about Lindsay Lohan. After a very long pause, she finally said that Lindsay “is beyond,” with a wicked smile on her face. “That’s good. That’s pretty nice for you to say she’s beyond,” Andy said hopefully.

But that’s not what Paris was going for, as evidenced by her next two choice words: “lame” and “embarrassing.”

Julianne Moore Was Fired from This Film, Then Replaced by Melissa McCarthy

A caller asked Julianne Moore why she didn’t play the lead role in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (for which Melissa McCarthy went on to receive an Oscar nomination), which she had originally been cast to star in alongside Richard E. Grant.

“I didn’t leave that movie; I was fired,” Julianne revealed with a sad smile. “Were you?!” Andy asked.

“Yeah, yeah. Nicole fired me,” she replied. (Nicole Holofcener wrote the screenplay.) “I think she didn’t like what I was doing. We hadn’t shot anything yet; we’d just been kind of rehearsing and doing pre-production and stuff, and I think that her idea of where the character was was different than where my idea of the character was, so she fired me.”

“But I love Melissa McCarthy,” Moore added. “I worship her. I think she’s fantastic, so I’m sure she’s great.”

What Does Kristin Cavallari Really Think About Mischa Barton Joining ‘The Hills’ Reboot?

A caller asked the former “Hills” and “Laguna Beach” star how she really felt about Mischa Barton joining MTV’s reboot of “The Hills,” which ran for six seasons from 2006 to 2010.

What’s interesting about the casting choice is that Mischa starred in “The O.C.,” which inspired MTV to create “Laguna Beach,” which led to “The Hills.” Kristin said she found it “interesting,” too.

“I was very surprised by that!” Andy added.

“Yeah. I was, too,” Kristin replied. “I mean, I’m curious like everybody else is to see it. I can’t wait.”

Amber Tamblyn Goes Off on Rosanne Barr for Calling #MeToo Accusers ‘Hoes’

When Andy asked Amber Tamblyn for her thoughts on Roseanne Barr’s comments about the #MeToo movement — where she called alleged victims of assault “hos” during a conversation with far-right conservative pundit Candace Owens — she said, “This is such a big issue of women-on-women violence. It’s something I see every day, especially in the work that I do.”

Andy Cohen Shades Lala Kent Over Her Botox Use

Lala Kent was sitting pretty at the Bravo Clubhouse, answering all sorts of show-related questions, when Andy blurted out, “Um, Lala, are you under 28?”

“I am 28 on the money,” she replied with a smile.

“And what is happening with Botox and you?” he asked.

“I’m loving it,” she replied with eyes wide.

“You are loving it,” Andy repeated. “You are. But I feel like at 28, you don’t need it?”

“Well, when I’m 50, people are gonna be glad I got it,” Lala answered confidently.

“Are they?” Andy asked skeptically.

“I mean, it’s preventative!” she replied.

“Is it? For the future?” Andy pressed.

Stassi Schroeder Reveals What Kind of Porn Jax Taylor Is Into

“Who liked the weirdest porn?” Andy asked Stassi, asking her to choose from all of her previous relationships.

“Jax! I caught him one time,” she replied excitedly. Naturally, Andy asked what kind of porn Jax was watching.

Laughing, Stassi looked over at Katie Maloney. “I feel like I’m not supposed to give this away,” she said, “but it was BBW porn.” BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women.

Katie added that Jax also likes his girls tattooed.

Christina Aguilera Shades Eminem

Andy asked why Christina Aguilera thinks Eminem is still throwing shade at her after all these years. He first came after her in the lyrics of “The Real Slim Shady” in the early 2000s and now again last year in a freestyle.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s real thirsty,” Christina said. “I don’t know what’s going on there. That’s real in the past and, you know, it was thirsty then it’s thirsty now. It’s not nice to go after anybody, especially a female in this business and now, what we’re looking at and seeing come to the forefront, it’s just, get a new gig. Have something else to talk about.”

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell Claim This Housewife Snubbed Them

When a caller asked the couple which of the Housewives they’ve met has been “the most disappointing,” Jerry said, “You know, I do have to say, we do have one story that is a little bit disappointing, and you have to decide whether you’re gonna say the name, and you’re gonna know who I’m talking about. We went to an event of Andy’s, and this Housewife was there, and we were so excited to meet her.”

Rebecca’s eyes lit up. “I think I know exactly who you’re talking about,” she said.

“She completely ignored us!” Jerry added, admitting that he may have fangirled out a bit upon meeting this person.

“I think I’m very comfortable sharing who it was,” Rebecca interjected.

“Her initials are…” Jerry said before his wife blurted out, “Brandi Glanville.”

Jax Says He Hooked Up with Lindsay Lohan, She Denies It

Jax first opened up about the alleged hookup back in 2015, but the topic resurfaced after he found himself at the same holiday party as Lindsay in 2017. Then when LiLo stopped by “WWHL,” Lisa Vanderpump called in and asked her to “describe Jax as a lover.”

“Lisa, I love you, but I’ve never even met him,” Lindsay replied with a laugh. “I’ve never met him. Really!”

Andy asked for clarification: “You’re calling Jax Taylor a liar?”

“Yes,” LiLo replied.

He went on to call B.S. on her.

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