Whoops! Kim Had 2 Million Garments Printed with ‘Kimono’ Logo


Whoops! Kim Kardashian Had 2 Million Garments Printed with ‘Kimono’ Logo Before She Changed Name

“I have to come up with a solution and not be wasteful,” Kim muses.

Kim Kardashian’s last-minute name change to her shapewear line came just a little too late — after two million garments were already printed with the initial logo!

On Friday, the “KUWTK” star expressed to her followers on social media that she was trying to figure out what to do with the items that had the old logo for Kimono. If you recall, Kim decided to scrap the name following some major cultural appropriation backlash.

In a video posted to her Twitter and Instagram Stories (below), Kim showed her followers the different options she was considering in order to remove or hide the now unusable labels.

“Because I wanted everything to be really seamless and feel really good, we printed everything inside all of the garments,” Kim said in the clip. “So now I have to come up with a solution and not be wasteful because we have printed almost two million garments so far with the Kimono name. So since we’re changing that, I don’t want to be wasteful.”

The KKW Beauty founder said the first option included hiding the logo with a large, black square. “I don’t like that, that’s like too big,” she expressed.

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