We Found Your Christmas Morning Cardigan


We Found Your Christmas Morning Cardigan — And It’s on Prime.

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When we were kids, all we really cared about during the holidays were the gifts. We still love the gifts, of course, but now that we’re older, we have a much bigger appreciation for the ambience of everything. The tree, the lights, the seasonal decor and even the clothing. Now that our parents are no longer picking out our outfits, it’s up to Us to come up with a perfect Christmas look!

It’s generally pretty chilly by the time we reach December 25, so something warm and cozy is a must. That warm and cozy feeling is pretty important for the holiday regardless, both inside and out. You also want something that will work beautifully with the decor — and look super cute in both candid and family photos. This year, this cardigan is our pick!..Read More