‘View’ Tell-All Alleges Donald and Melania Trump Ripped Off Star Jones’ Wedding


Michelle Obama isn’t the only one whose homework the Trumps have allegedly copied.

It’s no secret Donald Trump is not a fan of “The View,” but that didn’t stop him from reportedly copying the wedding plans of one of the show’s hosts when he and Melania tied the knot in 2005.

In an exclusive excerpt from “Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of ‘The View,'” journalist Ramin Setoodeh’s tell-all about the morning show, the man behind Star Jones’ 2004 nuptials accuses the Trumps of ripping him off.

Jones married Al Reynolds on November 13, 2004, in a star-studded ceremony attended by Trump and Melania, Kim Cattrall, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson and Hillary Clinton. According to the book, Clinton and Trump were seated at the same table, though Bill was MIA.

“He called me to tell me he couldn’t attend my wedding, which cracked me up,” Jones says in the book. “I was at the dentist. I said, ‘Mr. President, you need to take care of yourself! You don’t need to worry about this.’ And he said, ‘Hillary is going to be there.'”

Following the wedding, Trump reportedly reached out to Jones’ wedding planner, David Tutera, to speak with him about his own upcoming ceremony with Melania. Tutera told Setoodeh that when he met with Trump, he said he wanted “a carbon copy” of what he’d seen at Jones’ event.

Trump allegedly didn’t want to pay Tutera’s rate, however, and went with another planner.

“Melania and Donald copied my design and hired someone else,” Tutera said in the book. “That’s the God’s honest truth. Look at the photos of their wedding versus Star’s. It’s the exact same thing! The way the flowers were set up, the layout, the whole thing.”