Victoria Beckham Drinks ‘Full Moon Water’ During German Spa Retreat Detox


The famed fashion designer drinks the holistic beverage while detoxing

Victoria Beckham is sharing one of her go-to detox products with her fans.

During a recent spa retreat where the fashion designer, 44, took part in a week-long detox, she shared with her nearly 26 million Instagram followers that her drink of choice while taking a break from her hectic schedule and re-setting her body was a glass of “full moon water.”

Beckham shared an image on her Instagram Stories of the Mondquelle beverage during her stay at Lanserhof Tegernsee — a luxury health retreat in Germany — where the star was able to relax and unwind from her daily life stresses.

The brand’s website explains that the refreshing moon beverage is “bottled on full moon day directly at the source of Leonhardspfunzen, Stephanskirchen,” a region of Germany.

The site goes on to explain that “the biophysical water quality changes depending on the moon phase,” but also features a disclaimer for consumers which says that “the views presented here go far beyond the current state of science and that classical medicine has neither accepted nor recognized the effect of bioenergetic oscillation.”