Vanessa Bryant Helps Bianka and Baby Capri Open Easter Treats


Vanessa Bryant is managing her family’s first Easter without Kobe and Gigi like a champ — in fact, she and her kids are already getting a head start … with cuteness to spare.

VB posted a super-sweet video Saturday showing her help 3-year-old daughter Bianka and her little sister, 9-month-old Capri, open a giant Easter egg with goodies inside — sent to them by the florist to the stars, Jeff Leatham. It’s adorable … you see Bianka closing her eyes as she tries to crack it open with a mini hammer, but that shell’s thick as hell.

Mom had to step in eventually and help her break a big enough hole to see what was inside. After LOTS of confetti-pulling, the mother-daughter duo found the treat … chocolate!

BTW, Capri was definitely feeling the festivities … she was giggling through the whole thing. What she mighta been thinking … “When’s my turn, MOM?!?” Good stuff.

No sign of Natalia here, but ya gotta figure she’s around for the holiday too. The Bryants are devout Catholics and Easter’s the holiest day of the year for the faithful.

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