Travis Scott Accused Of Being ‘Transphobic’ After Trans Model Gets Removed From Album Cover


While Amanda seems to have no hard feelings over the cut, fans were more upset about the change. “Travis Scott’s album cover is one of the best I’ve personally seen in a while but him being transphobic by removing the legendary Amanda Lepore is disgusting. The good sis Caitlyn Jenner better tell her son in law something before I do because ima hurt his feelings,” one Twitter user wrote. Another added to the conversation, “amanda lepore was on the final shot for his album cover, and travis scott literally only photoshopped her out… and she wasnt even at the forefront to begin with, he’s just transphobic

So what gives? Well, David LaChapelle, 55, who photographed the album cover said he didn’t make the choice to give Amanda the boot, but when asked by TMZ about it, he said, “[Amanda] just upstaged every one…[she]knows the T.” The photographer also “wanted to make it clear” that Travis’ choice to cut Amanda out had “nothing to do with hating”.

Pictured above is the final album cover that’s currently on Travis’ Instagram feed. Below is the original photo that Amanda posted — look closely towards the left, and you’ll see the platinum blonde that’s now gone MIA!