Top 5 calorie-burning sex positions for a serious bedroom workout


Plus pics so you know how to pull them off.

Sex therapist Chantelle Otten lists the most energy-burning sex positions to get a heart-pumping workout between the sheets (so to speak).

Why spend hours at the gym pounding the treadmill or bending yourself into weird and wonderful positions at a yoga class in front of a room full of strangers when you and your partner could get your cardio in the bedroom?

According to research from the University of Montreal, you can burn up to 207 calories in 30 minutes by trying new sex positions.

To help you get creative, have fun and get fit all at the same time, I’ve also suggested the sex toys to help you get the most out of each position.

This is meant to be good if you're an Aries. Image: Supplied.

1. Classic cowgirl
Calories burnt: up to 220
Hop on top and get into the rhythm with the classic cowgirl, which can burn anything from 122-220 calories in a 30 minute session depending on how energetically you ride that pony.

Much like riding a horse, it’s a great exercise for your lower abs and core, plus your calves and quads, so you can essentially think of it as a full-body workout.

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It's always fun to switch it up. Image: Supplied.

2. Standing
Calories burnt: up to 165
Standing sex is not only great for getting down and dirty pretty much anywhere, but it’s also great for burning some extra calories. Get creative and have standing sex in the shower or up against a wall and you’ll burn up to 165 calories in only 30 minutes.

Plus, you’ll need to engage your core muscles and leg muscles to help keep your balance.

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Which one is your favourite? Image: Supplied.

3. Wheelbarrow
Calories burnt: up to 149
One of the more high intense and physically demanding sex positions, the wheelbarrow has some big calorie burning potential for all involved.

A 30 minute session will burn 149 calories and really gives your arm muscles and lower back a challenging workout.

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