Thor vs Superman: Who Would Really Win in a Fight?


While fans have argued about which superheroes could defeat each other for generations, the gold standard of superhero strength in these friendly arguments is Superman. With a seemingly endless arrays of abilities and bottomless power reserve, it’s difficult to think of a character who could reasonably give the Man of Steel a serious challenge in a fair fight.

However, Thor, one of Marvel’s strongest Avengers, might just be powerful enough to take on Superman. With his Asgardian abilities and mystically-enchanted hammer Mjolnir, Thor is a god who fights and defeats adversaries far stronger than him on a regular basis. While Thor might be mighty and Superman might be stronger than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet, CBR is pitting these two heroes against each other to try and figure out which one would actually defeat the other.

Given the alternate realities and rebooted timelines of superhero comics, DC and Marvel have had several versions of Superman and Thor, respectively, and it’s worth establishing which version of both heroes we’ll be considering.

In the DC Universe, the Pre-Crisis Superman has an indeterminate level of power. In some comics that took place before 1986’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman develops new abilities as the plot demands and demonstrates levels of strength never reached in later issues. For example, Superman’s sneeze is so powerful it can send a solar system in disarray. At no point in Superman’s history is that level strength demonstrated, even Pre-Crisis. In his more modern incarnations, Post-Crisis Superman has limits. Some of his adversaries, like Doomsday and Darkseid, even match him in terms of power.

Several alternate realities have similarly strong versions of Superman. In All-Star Superman, for instance, the Man of Steel’s powers are elevated before the moment of his demise, which leads to him becoming far stronger than ever before.

While Thor generally has a more consistent power level, some future or alternate reality versions of the character are stronger or weaker than Marvel’s main Thor when he wields Mjolnir.

Since the Pre-Crisis Superman would most likely defeat Thor with his exotic abilities, this article will compare Post-Crisis Superman to the main Marvel Universe Thor who’s wielding Mjolnir.

By most accounts, Superman seemingly outclasses Thor in terms of raw strength. He’s drag planets along, punched people into orbit and performed all sorts of wild feats of strength. In the DC Universe, Superman’s powers are effectively unmatched.

However, Thor has shown a considerable amount of strength too. After all, Thor’s raw strength was able to destroy an entire planet during his fight with Beta-Ray Bill. He’s punched down Galactus and the Phoenix Force, entities of Universal Cosmic strength. He held up Asgard, resisted a black hole’s gravity, and leg-pressed one million tons.

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