There’s a secret Predator movie set in Ireland


THE PREDATOR marks a sensational return to the action-horror franchise made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 1980s.

There have been four Predator movies of varying quality to date, but what some fans may not realise is that the franchise once took a rather unusual detour over to Ireland.

Directed by Marcin Skruch and starring Martin O’Sullivan and Nina Reilly, Predator: Celtic Days takes things back to the very beginning – or Ireland in the year XVIII c., to be precise.

Released back at the start of 2018, the 20-minute short serves as the perfect appetiser ahead of Shane Black’s main course.

Officially selected for the 2017 edition of the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Predator: Celtic Days centres on Kevin Hall (O’Sullivan), a man searching for his runaway son.

It’s not long, however, before Kevin realises he’s bitten off more than he can chew after coming face-to-face with a living, breathing, armed-to-the-teeth Creachadóir – meaning Predator in Gaelic.

A short but sweet entry into the franchise, this fan-made effort may be wholly unofficial but there’s something quite intriguing about seeing this cinematic colossus in an Irish setting.

And while you’ll still have to pay the big bucks to see The Predator in cinemas, Predator: Celtic Days is available to watch, in full, via the above link now.

Official or not, Skruch’s film also ties in nicely to the rest of the franchise and, in particular, Predator 2 and the origins of a gun handed to Danny Glover’s Lieutenant Mike Harrigan at the film’s conclusion.

It’s also a much more enjoyable watch than both of the Aliens vs Predator movies.

Plus, it’s set in Ireland.