The Obamas Are Building a Swimming Pool in Time for Summer


Barack and Michelle Obama have decided 2 summers without a swimming pool were enough … so with another summer around the corner, they’re finally gonna build one.

Obama’s post-presidential pad in Washington, D.C. — the one they first rented in 2016 and then plunked down $8.1 million to buy last year — is undergoing construction for a new swimming pool.

According to building permits, obtained by TMZ, work includes construction for a brand spankin’ new residential swimming pool … an in-ground pool, of course. Barack was the 44th prez, after all. The pool will also feature a terrace of sorts.

Barack and Michelle got the permit application process going in January … and there’s been a series of reviews in the months that followed — from plumbing and electrical to several mechanical corrections.

Nothing like a staycation after a SICK 2017 vacation.