The 7 Best Bronzers for Fair Skin in 2022


When it comes to bronzer, there are a few things beauty lovers know for sure. The best bronzers are supposed to make you look like you just stepped off a beach in the south of France; they’re supposed to blend seamlessly into the rest of your makeup; and they are not supposed to make you look orange or ashy. But if you have fair skin, finding the best bronzer for your skin tone can feel tricky. As someone who does have fairer skin, I took it upon myself to speak to two celebrity makeup artists about how to find the best bronzers for fair skin—and these picks don’t disappoint.

There’s nothing worse than finding a bronzer that you think is going to work, swiping it on, and realizing that it’s far too dark or muddy-looking. Not to mention, there are also undertones to contend with. A warm shade that works for a friend may fight your rosy undertone and vice versa. And while celebrity makeup artist Lilly Keys—the woman behind Olivia Rodrigo’s ’90s-inspired Glossier beauty look at the 2022 GRAMMY Awards and Emma Chamberlain’s glam at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars After Party—prefers to opt for “sheer, light shades,” it can still feel tricky to figure out which bronzer shade is right for you.

How to Find The Best Bronzer Shade for Fair Skin

“Generally speaking, your bronzer color should be one to two shades darker than your surface tone (or skin tone),” says Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono over email.

Personally, I start by looking at the lightest two shades and work towards the darker ones. But if browsing through seemingly-endless shades feels daunting, start with a sheer powder formula or a liquid or cream bronzer that can be blended into your foundation or worn underneath it. Remember, bronzer and contour are not the same, so you don’t need to worry about creating shadows or chiseling your cheekbones at this stage. (If you are looking for a contour, the editors at Marie Claire compiled a guide on how to contour your face.)

How to Find The Best Bronzer Undertone

Once you’ve found a shade family that works, consider your undertone, just like you would with your foundation. “This could be cool, warm, or neutral,” says Ono. Brands like Fenty Beauty often group their shade ranges and undertones together, so it’s easy to find ones that work.

If you’re not sure of your undertone, Ono recommends looking “at the veins in your arm. If they are blueish, you have a cool undertone; if they are more green, you’re warmer; and if you can’t really determine which shade you are, you’re more likely a neutral undertone.”

What Shades Work With Which Undertones?

“Cool undertones work best with warm peach hues or soft browns, while warm undertones are great paired with all golden-brown colors and neutral undertones should opt for more true brown-based shades,” says Ono.

Ahead, shop the best bronzers for fair skin according to Keys, Ono, Marie Claire editors, and the internet writ large. For even more help on your bronzer search, check out our guides to finding the best bronzer brushes, as well as how to apply bronzer once you’ve got everything you need in your arsenal.

The Best Bronzers for Fair Skin

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