Taylor Swift Performs ‘False God’ Off Her Lover Album for the First Time on Saturday Night Live


Taylor Swift also played a new rendition of her hit “Lover”

Taylor Swift just debuted a new song off of her latest album!

Swift, who served as the musical guest for this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, performed “False God” for the first time and treated fans to an acoustic rendition of the titular track from her seventh studio album Lover.

Swift, 29, teased the performance days earlier when she stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Asked whether she would be able to reveal exactly what she would be singing, Swift replied that she had to “be a little cryptic just ‘cause it’s fun.”

“I’ll do ‘Lover,’ but in a way I haven’t performed it before and then I’ll do a song that I have never performed at all live,” she added.

Although Swift seemingly didn’t give any indication as to what track she’d be performing for the first time, her eagle-eyed fans were quickly able to identify some very subtle clues.

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