Smith Family Gets Medical Results on Red Table Talk — and One of ‘Em Has a Parasite!


The bad news: they all “got stuff.” But there’s good news too.

Earlier this year, Will Smith called for an “emergency meeting” on “Red Table Talk,” as he started an initiative to get the whole family’s health back on track. That episode ended with a series of tests for himself, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will’s kids Willow, Jaden and Trey and Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

Today, we learned the results.

Before the episode started, Jaden expressed hesitation about having everything filmed, as he was accosted on the street by fans after talking about his health in the previous episode. “I don’t know what’s gonna be said and I don’t want people coming up to me, ‘Your bowels! Your iron levels, man!'” he exclaimed. Willow was also nervous she’d be thrown by something while “trying to act right on camera.”

Nevertheless, they persisted, as doctor Mark Hyman revealed all the news when they sat down together. “The bad news: You got stuff,” he said to all of them. “The good news is it’s all fixable.”

Overall, he said they all had genes that make them susceptible to being overweight and diabetic. He added that they have “sugar-craving genes” and a lactose intolerance. Nearly all of them also had a “leaky gut,” which is when toxins leak through the intestinal wall. “You all have gut issues,” he added, “but all that is so fixable.” He then went through the family members one by one.

For Will, Hyman revealed Smith has a lot of digestive issues, imbalances in his gut and problems with constipation, bloating, leaky gut and a low amount of “good” bacteria in his system. He added Will had food sensitivities to dairy and gluten, as well as vitamin deficiencies, high cholesterol and blood pressure and caffeine sensitivity.

The doc recommended more plants in his diet and less “crap,” which caused Jada to throw a little side-eye her husband’s way. He also suggested supplements, fiber, probiotics and a lot more water.

When the table turned to Jada, she got one of the most surprising results of the day. Her stomach issues were apparently coming from a parasite. Willow was immediately thrown, saying it made her think about “aliens.” The doc explained that the parasite could lead to irritable bowel, gas and indigestion — as Jada blamed Will and his his family trips for giving it to her. Hyman said he’d give her some medication to take care of the issue.

As for Jaden, he was told gluten and diary were both “big problems” for him. Also, because of doesn’t eat meat, he had a lot of vitamin and Omega-3 deficiencies. The doc suggested some dietary tweaks and supplements.

Willow was told she also had a leaky gut, with gluten, dairy and eggs all being problematic for her. Hyman explained that her nutrition and protein deficiencies also contributed to her anxiety and fatigue. “I’m not sad, I’m frustrated,” she said upon hearing this. “I would think about it a lot, I need my carbs, I need my vegetables and I need my protein, I obsess about it. ”

As for Gam, it was more of the same — stomach issues from a sensitivity to gluten and dairy. With the help of probiotics and a different diet, she’d be a-okay. Trey, meanwhile, didn’t do the labs because he’s “on his own health journey,” but was there for moral support.

In the end, the doctor recommended plant-rich meals and no processed food for all of them, in addition to the vitamins, supplements and probiotics. “If it was made in a plant, don’t eat it,” he said.

As they all vowed to make changes in their habits, Will proclaimed, “You’ll be taken out of our wills if you don’t take care of yourselves.”

Watch the episode in full above.

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