Sienna Miller Loves Being a Mom


Sienna Miller Loves Being a Mom: ‘It’s the Most Loving, Intense Relationship That I Have’

Sienna Miller is enjoying a sweet spot in her life — one where things are great both at home and work.

In addition to a slate of challenging and complex roles, like in the critically acclaimed drama American Woman, the actress is loving life as a mom to 6½-year-old Marlowe Ottoline, her only child with ex Tom Sturridge.

“My daughter challenges me and is a real mirror,” Miller, 37, tells PEOPLE for this week’s issue. “When you are raising a child you see aspects of your character in that person, reflected back, and it’s the most loving, intense relationship that I have. There’s nowhere to hide.”

“She knows me, I know her,” the star continues. “She’s really stubborn, which is very like me. I see her as her own person but I also see genetic things. She’s heaven, my kid.”

Miller also says she is happier than ever with her acting career, enjoying the range of women she is playing in film and on television.

“[It’s] beautiful to see these female characters and all of their mess,” says the Foxcatcher actress, adding that now that she’s a bit older, Hollywood is paying attention to her for the right reasons.

“Getting older is relieving,” Miller shares. “People are more willing to see you as a talented human being and not just something in a skirt. It’s a relief.”

The star hopes to add a more kid-friendly project to her résumé soon, so Marlowe — who “definitely knows I’m an actress” — can be in the audience.

“When she was little, it must’ve been totally bizarre,” says Miller. “It’s a very fun world for a kid. Sets you can run around on, growing up and dressing up in funny clothes, it’s very much a sort of circus-gypsy existence and that suits her. I think I should do something that she could watch, which I just don’t do.”

Regardless, Marlowe seems like she might follow in Mom’s footsteps. “She wants to be a marine biologist, which I support — she can be whatever she wants to be,” says Miller. “But she’s definitely looking a bit performative. She’s an actor, I’m reluctant to say.”

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