Seahawks Are Already Cooked in the NFC West with or Without Russell Wilson


Russell Wilson picked a heck of a time to be human.

Without question, the biggest storyline coming out of Seattle’s 26-17 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night is the dislocated finger that forced the Seahawks quarterback from the game in the second half.

To say that it’s a major injury (even if it’s a minor injury) is an understatement. If the 32-year-old superstar is sidelined for any amount of time, Seattle is cooked in the NFL’s toughest division.

With that said, here’s the thing. The Seahawks are already cooked in the NFC West. They aren’t going to make up a two-game gap with the Rams (with a head-to-head loss). Or a three-game gap with the division-leading Arizona Cardinals.

The Seahawks are done in the NFC West. Not because of Wilson’s finger.

Because their defense stinks.

The moment that everyone will be talking about happened about midway through the third quarter. While firing a deep pass that was very nearly a long touchdown to Tyler Lockett, Wilson’s hand struck Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald…Read More