Royal Caribbean Cruise Won’t Give Nurses Refunds for Convention


The no-refunds rage continues — this time it’s folks on the frontlines helping us fight coronavirus who are getting screwed, and it’s all because a cruise line won’t budge.

TMZ has learned … Royal Caribbean Cruises is NOT refunding a bunch of nurses who were supposed to board one of its behemoth boats this year for a networking convention called NURSECON at Sea, which was canceled as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

It sucks, ’cause it’s left a lot of cash-strapped RNs pissed off and wanting their money back. They’re getting a rain check for another event down the line, but that’s not cutting it with some of the heroes who want their money back, and STAT.

According to a letter NURSECON brass sent to ticket holders for the conference, it’s spelled out pretty clearly … anybody who was going to NURSECON 2020 (which was at first postponed, later canceled) will get to join any NURSECON voyage in the future through 2023. They’ll also get cruise ship spending credit — up to $100 worth.

And, if nurses who were going ended up shelling out cash for extra vacay packages — excursions, drink and meal plans, etc. — Royal Caribbean WILL refund them for that — but not for the big-ticket item … the cost of the cruise.

That’s about it … no mention of a refund in full for the trip itself this year. It wasn’t NURSECON’s decision, however, as sources familiar with the negotiations between that company and Royal Caribbean tell us, it’s actually RC Cruises honchos who wouldn’t give the cash back. So, if there’s someone to be mad at, it’s the cruise line.