Ronnie’s Wild Year In Review: Rehab, Arrests and Plastic Surgery Abs


In 2019, Ronnie got new abs, new teeth, an ashtray thrown at his head (allegedly), a restraining order and more.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro had a year that went from bad to good to bad to worse, and much of it was centered around his tumultuous relationship with baby mama Jen Harley.

However, not all of Ronnie’s 2019 woes had to do with Jen.

An Explosive New Year’s Eve

Shortly after ringing in the new year, several outlets reported that Ron left a nightclub bloodied and bruised after Jen allegedly threw an ashtray at his face. TMZ got a video of Ron leaving the club while appearing to hold a napkin to his presumably bleeding nose, as well as a second one of Ron punching the video camera on the front door of someone’s home, presumably his.

On an episode of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” that aired in August, cameras captured Ronnie visiting his dad — who’d been through similar situations and managed to turn himself around — following the altercation. Ron said he wanted “to take a break from the toxic situation I’m in because when you argue with somebody and you mix it with the alcohol and you mix it with my bad reactions, it’s just not good for my daughter to be around.”

“I’m tired of being in the tabloids for negative stuff,” he told his dad. “We fight and I get triggered and I spiral, if you wanna say, and then it just becomes too much.”

Ronnie stepped outside and called a wellness retreat center. “When were you looking to fly in?” the woman on the other end asked. “As soon as possible,” Ronnie replied.


In mid-February the “Jersey Shore” star revealed he had gone to rehab for alcohol abuse and depression. He stayed at HeadWaters Origins Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, for a month.

“I decided to go to treatment because I wanted to be a better person, a better father for my daughter,” he said at the time. “Eventually, all the bad decisions I was making were going to lead me to places that I didn’t want to be. I wanted to be led to the place that I am now — that’s happy, healthy and the best role model for my daughter.”

During Seasons 1 and 2 of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — who’s now over three years sober — made various references to Ronnie possibly needing help.

“I was just making the wrong decisions, and I was very depressed,” Ronnie explained. “And when I was depressed, I would turn to drinking. And then when I would drink, bad things would just continue to happen because I wasn’t reacting the way I should.”

Ronnie said at the time that he was looking to leave behind everything and everyone that didn’t help make him a better person. Briefly, that included Jen and their life in Las Vegas.

New Teeth, Same Ron…Kinda

Ronnie left rehab and came back sober and with brand-new teeth. They were blindingly white, and his co-stars had a field day making fun of him. He was literally missing teeth and Mike’s wedding, and his roommates felt Jen must’ve had something to do with it.

Ronnie told his friends he was done with Harley, saying, “We haven’t been together for a couple weeks. I gotta focus on myself. She’s gotta wanna help herself. I can’t keep trying to help her. Because trying to help her, I’m gonna drive myself crazy.”

But of course, that didn’t last. Before long, Ronnie was back in Las Vegas and back together with Jen, though still claimed to be sober.

Jen Crashes ‘Jersey Shore’ Vegas Trip…Again

Jen reached out to Angelina Pivarnick during a cast trip to Las Vegas to express concern over Ron. She said he never came back after his boys trip to Mexico and that she was worried he was drinking again. Jenni “JWoww” Farley took matters into her own hands and invited Jen to meet them out at a strip club in Vegas. She was admittedly getting back at Ronnie for speaking about her divorce on camera.

Ronnie was fuming but handled himself quite well. He reprimanded Jenni for “engaging” and “antagonizing” and assured his roommates he was done with Jen, even going so far as to say he had kicked her out.

Plastic Surgery Abs

In mid-May, Ron went under the knife to receive vaser high-definition liposuction of the abdomen. Essentially, the procedure created the look of washboard abs. He appeared on an episode of “The Doctors” and was in the hands of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi.

“I’ve always been a workout fanatic and I’ve always been in shape, but it also takes a lot of hard work to stay in shape,” Ronnie said at the time. “One year ago to the day, my life completely changed. I had a little baby girl. She’s like my guardian angel, and now, I can’t spend two-to-three hours every day in the gym like I used to. Gym, tan, laundry for me is now gym, tan, diapers.”

Ronnie decided to “try something new” and pay Dr. Khorsandi a visit. “We’re gonna be able to get that area in between each of his abs completely defined so that he actually has a six-pack for many, many years to come,” Khorsandi explained.

After the surgery, Ron told Travis Stork over the phone that he was feeling like “crap” but was “excited to show off the new abs” on Season 3 of the MTV reboot.

“If you’re a fan of ‘Jersey Shore,’ you know that I was one of the biggest fitness freaks in the house, always eating healthy and my protein shakes, all that crazy stuff,” he said. “It’s true when they say you realize when you get older [that]you don’t burn fat when you get older. I’m realizing that right now. Back in the day, I could eat almost anything I wanted and still look good. Now, I have a french fry and a cheeseburger, and I gain 13 pounds.”

“You just gotta keep this up in the gym,” Dr. Khorsandi explained, “and he’s gonna be just fine. That sick-pack is there to stay.”

Ronnie’s Bizarre Arrest

In mid-October, hours after TMZ reported Ronnie and Jen were hand-in-hand in Beverly Hills as well as hours before the “Jen Crashes Vegas” episode aired, Ron was tased and arrested after an alleged domestic violence dispute.

According to TMZ, this is what happened:

Around 2:30 a.m., the couple got into a heated argument at the Airbnb they were renting in Los Angeles. Ronnie allegedly slapped and punched Jen, before she went running out of the house, screaming for help. Ron then allegedly chased after her with a knife in one hand and their 19-month-old daughter, Ariana, in the other. He eventually dropped the knife and locked himself inside the house with the baby, according to the report. When police arrived on the scene, he refused to come out, so they broke down the door. Ron then reportedly refused to be taken into custody peacefully, so police officers had to tase him. After being taken to the hospital, Ron was booked for kidnapping. Neither Jen nor Ariana suffered major physical injuries, though Jen did have visible marks on her face. She told the cops Ronnie went off the rails after doing cocaine.

While he pleaded not guilty in early November, Ronnie was ordered to stay at least 150 yards away from Jen and Ariana.

Cheating Allegations

In mid-November, Jen accused Ronnie of cheating with her friend in an effort to get back at her, lying and refusing to co-parent peacefully.

“You cheated, you lied, you f–ked up. It’s always been you,” wrote Jen in a since-expired Instagram Story. “I don’t want to hear about Ron and all these girls I know believe me there has been sooo many screenshots and pictures. I’m use to it I know he’s hooking up with my friend to get back at me (back at me for not wanting to get back with him). It’s a cycle that never end. I’m exhausted and disgusted by it.”

She went on to claim she was “not keeping Ariana from Ron” and that she “did not ask for the restraining order.” In fact, she said she was “working on getting it dropped so he can see her if he wants [to].” Jen said she felt “everyone is hurt in this situation” and added she was open to co-parenting with Ronnie, despite their tumultuous relationship.

“I don’t understand all the bashing going on, on his end,” she wrote on Instagram. “All I ever wanted was a family for our daughter, the toxic part was sweeping everything under the rug and trying to look past all the cheating just didn’t work for me. I’m heartbroken from it all and just want to coparent peacefully.”

Harley then went on to share two memes with messages that seemed to be aimed at her baby daddy.

“Be the type of man you’d want your daughter to date,” read the first post, while the other said, “Every story a man tells you about his past relationship and how his ex is a toxic crazy bitch, just know that the ex is him. He’s the ex. He’s the toxic crazy bitch.”

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