RFK Granddaughter’s Body Found After Canoe Accident, Search for Son Continues


4/6 Divers found Maeve’s body Monday evening about 2.5 miles south of the family home on Chesapeake Bay. Authorities say her body was located in water that was 25-feet deep … and they plan to continue searching for Gideon on Tuesday.

6:15 AM PT — 4/4 Maeve’s husband, David McKean, said Friday it seems clear his wife and son have tragically passed. McKean said, “It is clear that Maeve and Gideon have passed away,” adding, “It has been more than 24 hours, and the chances they have survived are impossibly small.”

McKean said his family was self-quarantining at Maeve’s mother’s home on Chesapeake Bay, so they could have some space. He says Gideon and Maeve were playing a game of kickball and the ball went into the water, so they got in a canoe to get the ball. He believes the canoe got pushed by either the tide or the wind, into the bay.

12:22 PM PT — There were local reports Gov. Hogan confirmed Maeve had passed away, but we got video of his news conference, and he merely offers prayers as the search continues.

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