R. Kelly’s Bail Set at $1 Million in Sexual Abuse Case


R. Kelly reportedly failed to post the $100k bond by the cutoff time of 9 PM in Chicago, so he’ll have to spend the night in jail.

We’re told until R. Kelly makes bail, he’s being held in a holding pen by himself because the jail doesn’t want him interacting with other inmates for safety reasons. R. Kelly’s considered a “high profile individual,” and if he doesn’t bond out tonight he’ll be placed in his own cell.

TMZ’s also obtained video of Joycelyn and Azriel leaving the courthouse. Neither woman had anything to say about Kelly’s case or their relationship with their parents.

As we told you … Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary were both in the courtroom for R. Kelly, and were reportedly sitting in the first row reserved for friends and family during his hearing. The women are allegedly the singer’s “sex slaves,” but both have denied that. They were seen holding hands entering court together.

TMZ’s obtained a courtroom sketch of R. Kelly and his lawyer, along with the State’s Attorney, in front of Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr.

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