Priyanka Chopra Said She Never Thought She’d Actually Marry Nick Jonas


Apparently, Priyanka Chopra never thought she’d actually end up marrying Nick Jonas.
She also shared the thing he told her on one of their dates that really made her like him.

Remember when you were a teenager who was totally obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and dreamed about marrying Kevin Jonas (dark times), Joe Jonas, but mostly Nick Jonas? (TBH, some of us are still fully in that stage.) Well, apparently Priyanka Chopra never went through said phase and didn’t even envision herself marrying the frontman of the JoBros until way later.

First off, we already know that Priyanka wasn’t even a fan of the brothers when they were in their prime, and she finally just went to her first JoBros concert a week ago. She’s making progress, you guys! Knowing that, it’s a little understandable why she just said she’d never pictured herself marrying him.

While talking on a panel at the Women in the World Summit yesterday, Priyanka explained herself. She said, “I’ve known him for two years. I didn’t think that this is what it [would’ve] turned out to be, and maybe that’s my fault, I judged a book by its cover. When I actually started dating Nick, he surprised me so much.” Okay, sure. That’s fair.

Nick, on the other hand, knew that he wanted to marry Priyanka as soon as he saw her. In a Vogue interview from November, he said he saw her “breezing through” a party and basically proposed on the spot. He said, “And I put my drink down, got on one knee—this is in front of a bunch of people—and I say, ‘You’re real. Where have you been all my life?’ Like, loud.” Cool, cool. Well, as long as you two are happy, I’ll be over here like chopped liver.

Going back to Priyanka’s panel discussion, she also went on to talk about one of the first things that really stood out to her about Nick. Basically, they were out with friends one night and she was trying to flirt with him by bringing up this meeting she had to get to. She kept talking about it in the hopes that he’d be like “Cancel your plans and hang out with me” or whatever. It didn’t go as planned. She remembered:

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