President Trump Suggests UV Rays and Bleach as Possible COVID-19 Treatment


President Trump has a few ideas about how to treat COVID-19 patients — based on some promising lab findings — but the scientists around him ain’t so sure.

The Prez played amateur M.D. during Thursday’s coronavirus task force briefing … after Bill Bryan — Science Director for Dept. Homeland Security — revealed lab testing shows UV rays from sunlight dramatically cuts the half-life of the virus. He added that bleach and isopropyl alcohol also kill the virus either instantly or within minutes.

That set off a lightbulb for Dr. Trump. He said — out loud, mind you — what if we could put UV rays and bleach inside a patient’s body? His suggestion was maybe that would be an easy cure.

Watch the verbal dance Bryan had to do, explaining to reporters and the President it just doesn’t work that way — at least as far as he knows. He did this while desperately trying NOT to embarrass POTUS. Ya gotta feel for him.

To be clear … the scientists are NOT saying it’s okay to gather with friends under the UV rays of the sun — that won’t stop spread of the virus.