Omarosa Manigault Is Grilled About Trump on Celebrity Big Brother: ‘Did You Ever Sleep with Him?’


Omarosa Manigault Newman got frank on Friday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

The former White House aide was asked by Brandi Glanville if she had ever had a sexual relationship with her former boss, President Donald Trump.

“Did you ever sleep with him?” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum asked her.

Manigault Newman asked for clarification, saying, “Who?”

“Trump,” Glanville said.

Manigault Newman paused before saying, “Hell no! Of course not. Brandi, that’s horrible.”

While she denied sleeping with the Commander in Chief, Manigault Newman did say there was “somebody” in the White House who is “sleeping around with everybody”.

Glanville told her that she had heard of some Celebrity Apprentice contestants who had had a relationship with Trump when he starred as host of the show.

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