No, The Lion At Bronx Zoo Couldn’t Have Got Near The Woman Who Climbed In


If she was in danger of a mauling, then so was everyone else at the zoo.

The woman who climbed into the Bronx Zoo lion enclosure was in plenty of danger — but not from the lion.

The internet reacted in astonishment as a video of the ill-advised stunt went viral, apparently showing the guest dancing and taunting right in front of an adult male lion.

However, the reason the lion didn’t eat her was because a dry concrete moat more than 20ft wide and 20ft deep separates them; the low angle of the cellphone video creates the optical illusion they are standing much closer, TooFab has learned.

Indeed the guests who are filming it stand there in mild bemusement at her antics rather than the screaming panic of a crowd about to watch a person get mauled to death; they in turn stand behind a four-foot wooden fence and a bit of shrubbery, knowing that if the lion could get to the woman, it could just as easily get to any guest in the park.

The only danger the woman was in was of falling into the moat. She also put the lion in danger, had her taunting prompted him to fall into the moat. On top of that, she put whatever zoo staff would have had to enter the moat to retrieve either or both in danger too.

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