Mystery Sender of Cardi B’s ‘Tom Petty’ Flowers Revealed


Cardi B did not get flowers from the great beyond — as she insinuated by thanking Tom Petty for a Grammys bouquet she received — but, TMZ has learned who REALLY did the honors.

Sources tell us … celebrity florist Annie Wonderlich, owner of Art Fleur, sent the bouquet wishing Cardi luck at the award show. We’re told Cardi is one of her clients, and Annie also delivered a Grammy arrangement to Lady Gaga.

After getting the flowers, Cardi looked at the back of the card — which contained a Petty lyric — and thought they were from him. She thanked Tom on social media … prompting the internet to quickly point out that would be pretty freakin’ amazing (as in, impossible) since TP sadly died nearly 2 years ago.

Although, we’re sure Ghost Tom’s probably a Bardi fan.

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