Micheal Bay and Ryan Reynolds’ New Netflix Movie is Actually Thundercats


It was recently announced that Netflix has partnered up with Transformers director Michael Bay, and Ryan Reynolds to produce a movie called Six Underground, which is also their highest budgeted production at $150 million. While the action flick is said to be a war movie, IGN Middle East has learned that the film – which will be shot in Abu Dhabi, UAE in November of this year – is actually an adaptation of Thundercats, the hugely popular cartoon series from the 80s.

The tip comes from a reliable source that is working closely with the Abu Dhabi production team for the movie. It is the same source that tipped us about Simon Pegg being cast in Star Wars Episode VII, which ultimately turned out to be true. The name ‘Six Underground’ is, in fact, a codename used to avoid any leaks, and the reports of the movie being about a war is simply a fake-out to divert attention.

“What lends credibility to the story is that Michael Bay has been associated with a Thundercats movie for a long time now. It now appears that Bay has finally started working on the project with Ryan Reynolds in the lead, and has roped in Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese to pen the script for the movie.

Thundercats first debuted on TV in 1985 and was based on characters created by Tobin Wolf. The show was a roaring success spawning several comic books, TV series, movies, and a side-scrolling video game developed by Elite Systems in 1987.