Mia Khalifa’s Latest Photo Has Annoyed A Lot Of People


Mia Khalifa has caused outrage with her most recent post – a photo of her face superimposed onto the body of the Virgin Mary.

The 24-year-old adult actress posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption:

When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa.

It seems Mia was referring to the ridiculous time last week when people online mistook Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate, for the Lebanese former adult webcam model-turned social media personality.

Here is the photo of Malala which caused the unnecessary drama…

Malala, who has just started her first term at the University of Oxford, was photographed wearing skinny jeans and apparently people thought it was an important topic to raise, with some saying they thought it was Mia Khalifa.

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