Meet America’s Quarantine Quitters, Everyone’s Fed Up & Heading Out


We’d like to introduce you to the Quarantine Quitters of America (the QQA for short) as a reminder folks are at their wit’s end and throwing in the towel all over the country.

Click through the gallery and you’ll see what we mean — folks from coast to coast have been heading outdoors en masse over the past few weeks, hitting the beach, hitting the trails, hitting the streets, hitting anything they can to get a feeling of normalcy back.

Of course, in almost all of these cases … so many are not practicing proper social distancing.

Whether it’s beach-goers in Venice or Huntington Beach, or the good people of New York flocking out to Coney Island, or even the many protesters in Austin, TX and beyond — people are clearly ready to break quarantine … it looks like they’ve had enough, ‘rona be damned.

That’s a problem, obviously, because this many people going out and standing so near each other can and might very likely cause another wave of COVID-19 cases, not to mention the deaths that’ll follow. These folks don’t seem to care though … apathy wins the day.

Shaking our collective heads …