Love Is Blind Season 1: Where Are They Now?


‘Love Is Blind’ Season 1: Where Are They Now? Get Updates on the Cast Post-’After the Altar’ Special

Netflix’s After the Altar special left fans with burning questions about Giannina Gibelli, Damian Powers, Mark Cuevas and more Love Is Blind season 1 cast members.

More than one year after filming the reality series in 2018, fans met Giannina, Damian, Mark, Jessica Batten, Lauren Speed, Cameron Hamilton, Amber Pike, Matthew Barnett, Kelly Chase, Kenny Barnes, Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton when Love Is Blind started streaming in February 2020. While the show originally featured 30 men and women, only six couples formed outside of the “pods” — a.k.a. got engaged after talking through a wall and without seeing each other in person….[Read More]