Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Is The Same Age As The ‘Titanic’ Movie


Believe it or not, Titanic turns 22 this year. The film, not the boat. But still – how time flies, eh?

Something else that turns 22 this year is Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend Camila Morrone – yup, the model. Which means Leo’s other half is the same age as the movie. Let that sink in.

I mean, if there’s one thing we know about Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s that he’s a bloody brilliant actor who waited far too long to win an Oscar. If there are two things we know about Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s that he’s a bloody brilliant actor that waited for too long to win an Oscar and he’s quite fond of super models.
Camila Morrone and the Hollywood star have been dating for around a year. Credit: Instagram/Camila Morrone
his latest girlfriend is certainly no exception. Leo recently whisked her off to Thailand and the pair even made a trip to the very spot that provided the location for his hit movie The Beach.

Leo, 44, and 21-year-old Camila look to be having a fine old time, if the photos posted her to Instagram are anything to go by.

In one snap she shared online, she can be seen on a boat looking out over the cove at Ko Phi Phi Le – a spot made famous following the release of the 1999 movie The Beach.

In fact, it was made so famous that authorities in the area issued a plea to tourists to stop visiting the area. The Maya Bay, in Thailand, is a gorgeous idyllic spot, and the country’s National Parks and Wildlife Department is keen to keep it that way.

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