Lamar Odom Wants to Rebuild Relationship with Kardashians


Lamar Odom has zero regrets about his reality TV past — in fact, he says the experience was the best part of his adult life and he desperately wants to repair his relationship with the Kardashians.

39-year-old Odom appeared on “TMZ Live” and told us how taking up motivational speaking with a company called MicDrop has become therapeutic for him. He’s learning to forgive himself for the mistakes he’s made in the past … from drug use to other bad life decisions.

One of those mistakes … Odom says he feels he’s failed as a father. But, Lamar says he’s including his children in his motivational speaking work and it’s bringing his family closer together.

“This is a great way for me to make up the time I lost with them and help them get better as well,” Odom said.

As for reality TV, there are a lot of people who feel doing a reality show is a recipe for disaster — but Lamar says he wouldn’t go back and change a thing.

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