Kylie Jenner Reenacts Viral ‘Rise and Shine’ Meme for Brother Rob Kardashian


The star’s “Rise and Shine” tune went viral last week and has since inspired remixes, and even its own merch line

Rob Kardashian is not over his younger sister’s latest viral meme trend.

The 32-year-old reality star shared a video of Kylie Jenner on Instagram Saturday, showing the beauty mogul quietly reenacting her famous “Rise and Shine” tune, and of course, the proud brother wrote in the caption: “Rise and shine .”

The footage shows Jenner, 22, standing near some festive pumpkin decorations in her home and quietly mouthing “rise and shine” to her brother while he records her.

Jenner’s “Rise and Shine” song went viral last week. The meme was born from Kylie’s recent office tour of her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters, in which she wakes up daughter Stormi with the musical greeting.

Kylie’s “Rise and Shine” tune garnered so much attention that Ariana Grande even recorded her own version of the phrase using a starry eyes filter on her Instagram Stories. Grande, 26, also asked Kylie if she could sample it in a song, to which Jenner heartily agreed: “As long as I’m in [the]music video.”

Other celebrities got in on the fun, as well. Miley Cyrus playfully shared a video edit that put Jenner on The Voice‘s audition stage, with the judges instantly turning their chairs in awe of her “Rise and Shine” performance.

Jenner decided to lean into her viral fame, and updated her Instagram bio to: “rise and shine.” She also shared a photo of her own face photoshopped into the Sun Baby from the ’90s children’s series Teletubbies. Later that same day, Jenner posted links to two new hoodies available at her official merchandise shop, one black and one white, both bearing her now-famous “Riiise and Shiiinnee” slogan.

Her two-second song has gone on to inspire several fan-made remixes, including one of Stormi dancing along to the tune. In a video shared by Jenner last week, Stormi flashes a wide smile as she bounces up and down to the song, and her mom can be heard off-camera saying, “Yes! Do you like it?”

“Daddy sings!” Stormi says, looking down at the phone. “No, baby, that’s mommy!” Kylie tells her. “Mommy’s singing!”

“Mommy?” Stormi asks her, then begs for “Daddy singing.”

“Oh, you want daddy singing? I’m not good enough?” Jenner asked, taking the phone from Stormi with a laugh and captioning the post, “daddy’s girl .”

Travis Scott, 28, commented on the video “ wild ,” clearly proud that his daughter wants to listen to his music.

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