Kylie Jenner Posts ‘Weird Ass Video’ to Tell Her Followers to Leave Her ‘Cute Ass Feet’ Alone


No stranger to baring her flesh on social media, she’d apparently had enough of comments regarding her “f–king toes,” before appearing to take aim at sister Kendall’s toes.

After sharing her latest bikini photoshoot to her Instagram page, eagle-eyed fans apparently quickly got under Kylie Jenner’s skin with their comments and critiques of her body. Well, one particular part of her body.

“So nobody gone notice her short toe?” asked one commenter. Now, some did have Kylie’s back, like this commentor who wrote, “this picture shows how negative ppl are, meanwhile the picture is super hot and perfect everyone comes at a toe!”

The toe in question is the middle toe of Kylie’s right foot, which is noticeably shorter than the ones around it. It’s a minor thing to notice — perhaps the white nail polish helped draw attention to it — but it was definitely noticed. And then Kylie noticed that it was noticed, and so she put her fans on notice over on her Instagram Stories.

“Everyone wants to come for my f–king toes,” she said in a video focused on her feet. Declaring that she has “cute ass feet,” regardless of what anyone thinks, the beauty mogul proceeded to explain that she had broken the offending toe back in middle school.

“There’s nothing you can do about a broken toe, so it just had to heal how it wanted to heal,” she explained. “So when I flex this up, this little guy is just out of place.” With that, she did just that, showing that even though the toe lines up perfectly fine when her feet are flat on the ground, that simple movement creates the effect in the photograph.

During the filming of this important PSA, Kylie acknowledged what we were all thinking, by saying, “This is a weird-ass video.” And yet, thanks to hear relentless followers, it was one she felt important enough to post to maybe, hopefully, doubtfully put this very silly issue to rest.

Hilariously, immediately followed up chastising her followers for coming at her for her little “broken” toe by sharing a second close-up from the photoshoot … this time of Kendall’s feet.

Now, Kendall’s toes also got some attention in the comments section of the original post, but Kylie didn’t come to her sister’s aid.

Instead, she stuck a finger pointing emoji to clearly point out Kendall’s long and slender toe. She captioned the first one “Meanwhile!!!!!!” and captioned her sister, with a follow-up caption reading, “I’m sorry but wutttt.”

Kylie has a childhood injury to explain away her short toe, so how does Kendall explain her long ones? Our guess is that Kendall is that it has everything to do with Kendall being 5’10”, and with that height came some added toe extension.

But we love that Kylie can go from defending her own two before quickly throwing her sister’s under the bus. That’s sisterly love for ya!

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