Kylie Jenner Mocked on Twitter for Trying to Trademark ‘Rise and Shine’


“Kris Jenner thinking of ways for Kylie to become a TRILLIONAIRE.”

Kylie Jenner has attempted to trademark “RIIISE AND SHIIINNEE” — and not everyone is amused.

After TMZ reported the “KUWTK” star filed legal docs to own the phrase, people threw some major shade at Kylie on Twitter and dragged the makeup mogul for attempting to trademark such a common saying.

“She didn’t come up with it! It’s been around before she was born,” a user wrote.

“This shouldn’t be granted,” another added. “I feel like this is like the phrase ‘Happy Birthday.'”

Some people suggested that Kylie should have just enjoyed the viral meme and left it at that, rather than creating merchandise and filing to trademark it.

“Those ‘Rise and Shine’ videos of Kylie Jenner were funny until she started doing too much by making sweatshirts and now trying to trademark it. Like why can’t she just let it be funny and leave it alone?” a person tweeted.

“I think it’s so funny that kylie jenner is trying to trademark ‘rise and shine’ sis it was just a funny meme for the week nothing more nothing less lmao,” another added.

Many users threw in momager Kris Jenner along with their disses, saying the family matriarch wants her daughter to exceed her billionaire status.

“The devil works hard, but ⁦@KrisJenner will not only work harder, she’ll murder the devil,” a person wrote and another added, “Kris Jenner thinking of ways for Kylie to become a TRILLIONAIRE.”

According to TMZ, Kylie filed to trademark a slang version of the saying, “RIIISE AND SHIIINNEE.”

In addition to cosmetics, the trademark would cover belts, pants, coats, dresses, footwear, gloves, headbands, headwear, jackets, loungewear, scarves, sleepwear, socks, swimwear and undergarments.

See how Twitter reacted in the tweets below.

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