Kylie Jenner gets pulled over by cops after helping BFF Jordyn Woods celebrate her 21st birthday


Kylie Jenner helped her best friend Jordyn Woods celebrate her 21st birthday at Petite in Los Angeles on Thursday evening.

And although the pair didn’t make it too much of a late night, skipping the clubs for a sing-a-long in the car, their ride home still came with a little bit of trouble.

Taking to Instagram to document their drive, Jordyn revealed they had been pulled over by a police car.

‘Tryna be a hater right now,’ narrated the birthday girl as she filmed the cop car with its red and blue lights flashing behind them

‘We got pulled over,’ she said laughing while Kylie made her way into the shot with her tongue sticking out.

However, the makeup mogul’s best friend assured fans that they weren’t the drivers, just the passengers.

‘But we didn’t drive. It’s okay,’ she added.

Prior to the incident, Thursday evening saw the best friends party up a storm for Jordyn’s 21st birthday.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 21, had on a brown dress with her pink dyed hair up as her pal wore a hot pink shimmery mini dress that made the most of her toned legs.