Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Companies Sued Over Lacy Underwear


Kylie Jenner’s undies might be hot sellers, but they’re also a ripoff … at least according to a company claiming she and her sister, Kendall, stole its lace design for their lingerie line.

The Jenner sisters just got slapped with a lawsuit filed by Klauber Bros., Inc. — which designs 2-dimensional artwork for purpose of lace production. Yeah, apparently that’s a whole industry. Anyway, Klauber says it made a couple of very specific lace designs. So specific, it even has copyrights on ’em.

Now, we don’t often hear anyone complain about Kylie or Kendall in thongs … but Klauber’s got beef with a few of their underthings. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Kylie Thong Panties uses one of Klauber’s lace patterns on its waistband. Ditto for a Kylie + Kendall lingerie item we’ll call a slip. We’re no experts.

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