Kristen Stewart Giving Serious ‘Alien’ Vibes as Ripley-esque Survivor in Spooky


The thrilling sci-fi/horror film sees Stewart among a group of scientists trapped seven miles beneath the surface of the ocean … only they’re not alone down there!

In space, nothing can hear you scream. Well, the same can be said for “Underwater,” the new horror film with serious “Alien” vibes starring Kristen Stewart, even rocking the buzzed ‘do of Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from the third film in that series.

That’s not necessarily to say the film looks like a cheap knock-off of the sci-fi/horror classic, but it definitely seems to be sitting in that same genre hybrid realm. In this case, Stewart is part of a crew that takes a deep-sea mission seven miles below the ocean’s surface to see what’s down there. Scientists exploring. What could go wrong?

There is a sense of claustrophobia and danger throughout this trailer, as what awaits them in the deep isn’t the only danger they face. That far below the surface, should their vessel — or the underwater laboratory they call home for however long they’re down there — fail, they’ll be dead within moments.

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