Kris Jenner ‘Refused to Fire Nanny She Caught Stealing From Her’


Kourtney Kardashian claimed “so many nannies” ripped her mom off and got away with it, according to Heather McDonald.

Kris Jenner is so rich she doesn’t even mind nannies stealing from her… to a point.

Heather McDonald claimed on Monday the “KUWTK”momager knew she was getting fleeced by the help, but refused to fire her.

The comedian and friend of the family told the Daddy Issues podcast an anecdote about running into Kris and daughter Kourtney Kardashianat a party eight or nine years ago , where she told them she had just fired her own nanny that very day for the very same reason.

“All the sudden Kourtney says, ‘Like did she steal from you?’ and I go, ‘Ugh, yes!’ And she goes like, ‘Oh my God, mom had like so many nannies that stole from us that she would not fire.'”

“And Kris was like, ‘I did not!’ And she’s just like, ‘Mom, tell the story.'”

Per Heather’s recollection, Kris had a nanny who had two young sons around the same age as Robert. During the weekends, Kris would sometimes give permission for Rob to go home with the nanny to play with her boys, so he wouldn’t be stuck in a house full of girls.

But one weekend he came back and reported: “‘Mom you know all those shirts that are missing with the alligator?’ He’s like, ‘Jose and Juan!'”

According to McDonald, Kris wasn’t too bothered about the stolen presumably-Lacoste shirts.

“But even she was like, ‘But so what? She’s good. I can trust her with the little girls or whatever.’

However Kris did eventually snap when she caught her stealing something red-handed, and finally fired her.

On the subject of being dumped by the Kardashians, McDonald told hosts Dean McDermott, Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris she was particularly sore about being culled from the Kar-Jenner Xmas Eve Party guest list.

“It was a blood bath,” she said. “There was a lot of us who got the boot.”

The “Chelsea Lately” star said she was cut around the time Kim took over organizational duties.

“A-listers didn’t want to go to their party. They weren’t like making friends, it was more like, ‘Oh it’s the same people all the time, they’re really keeping it to what they are’,” she said. “But then as the girls got older, and got married, and every year that we were invited I would tell my kids, ‘Enjoy it. It could be the last year’.”

Despite thinking at first that a party on Xmas eve was weird (as families would normally be at home or at church) she was initially convinced to go after being told elves come and take care of all the kids, along with the fact she could invite as many plus-ones as she liked. “For like ten years I was one plus five,” she boasted. “I’m rolling in six deep.”

The one thing that stung about being culled, she said, was the fact Kathy Griffin was not.

“I do like her, but… when I had to do ‘Chelsea Lately’, and every week there was a topic about the Kardashians and I was able to write funny jokes, or myself and never say a mean thing… you know, I could still do it without being cruel.

“And Kathy Griffin ripped on them for like ten specials,” she said. “And then all of the sudden was friends with them. ‘I love my KKW eyeliner!’ You know? And I was just kind of like, ‘Really?’ Like it just pissed me off.”

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