Kim Kardashian West’s Perfume Company Sued for Ripping Off Logo


One of Kim Kardashian West’s new perfumes — the ones that put $5 mil in her pocket in just 5 minutes — uses a logo that belongs to a different company … at least according to a new lawsuit.

The company, Vibes Media, says KKW Fragrance jacked its speech bubble-like logo for a new Kimoji perfume, which was released on Tuesday. There are 3 different fragrances in the Kimoji line — Vibes, Peachy and Cherry.

Vibes Media’s beef is only with the Vibes line because according to the suit, its bottle is shaped just like the logo they have hanging in their office — and the perfume bottle itself is shaped like the logo.

The Chicago-based marketing company says KKW doesn’t have permission to use its trademarked logo. Vibes Media wants all of Kim’s hot-selling perfume to be destroyed, and it wants damages.