Kim Kardashian Helping Released Prisoner Remove Face Tattoos, Meets Family


Kim Kardashian is making house calls to some of the inmates she’s recently helped free — as one of them in North Carolina just discovered — and she’s pitching in to get their lives back on track.

This is pretty incredible — Azaria Algarin’s twin brother, Paul, got out of Central Prison in North Carolina on April 19 after serving 7 years, but while he was locked up he asked for Kim’s address so he could send her a letter because he’d heard of the prison reform work she’s been doing.

Azaria says she thought her bro was being ridiculous and it was a pipe dream that Kim would even read his letter, let alone respond. Turns out she did … with a personal visit to meet him and his family.

Kim and Kanye West flew to Charlotte Tuesday — the day after attending NYC’s Met Gala — to meet Paul, Azaria and their mom. She also brought a doctor to discuss removing Paul’s face tattoos so he can have a fresh start post-incarceration. Kim and Kanye are covering the cost for the procedure.

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