Kim Kardashian Helped Woman Avoid Eviction


Kim Kardashian Helped Woman Avoid Eviction After Losing Her Husband to COVID-19.

Kim Kardashian gave back to a family in need.

The reality star and entrepreneur donated $3,000 to Angelia Cantrell, a woman who lost her husband to COVID-19 and was on the verge of eviction. Cantrell and her late husband shared four children together, triplet boys and a daughter.

“When I saw the donation [from Kim Kardashian], I literally fell to the floor in tears. I shared my GoFundMe link with several celebrities, including Supernatural TV stars Alaina Huffman and Lisa Berry who donated as well, just simply asking them to share,” Cantrell tells ET. “I never dreamed that celebrities would take notice of our story, let alone donate.”

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