Khloe Kardashian TPs Kourtney’s House Amid Toilet Paper Shortage


“khloe kardashian deciding to teepee kourtneys house with rolls of toilet paper just shows obnoxious & selfish rich people are even during a pandemic.”

Khloe Kardashian is being criticized by fans after she pulled a prank on her sister Kourtney over the weekend.

Ahead of Mother’s Day on Saturday, the “KUTWK” star teamed up with her nephew Mason Disick to TP Kourtney’s Calabasas home. Though the family has pulled the practical joke in the past, it wasn’t during a global pandemic…and toilet paper shortages. And to no surprise, the prank absolutely outraged fans online.

While Kourtney called the prank “genius” and the most “excitement” she’s had in “months,” many Twitter users claimed it was “selfish” and “obnoxious” to “waste” rolls of the bathroom tissue as people struggle to purchase toilet paper in stores.

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