Khloe Kardashian Stands Up To Twitter Critics About Her Fitness


Khloe Kardashian flashes skin as she stands up to critics who say she’s focusing too much on fitness

Khloe Kardashian has defended herself against critics who say she’s been ‘focusing too much’ on her body.

In a series of videos posted to Snapchat, the new mother expressed her frustration at the feedback she had been receiving about her fitness routine on Twitter.

Khloe, 33, explained that she’s always considered exercising to be her ‘sanctuary’, and prior to her pregnancy, she would workout five or six times a week.
Looking good: Khloe Kardashian showed off all the hard results of her workouts after she defended herself against critics who said she was too focused on fitness
'I've got to get rid of this part': While the new mom explained she was 'feeling good' five weeks after giving birth, she explained there was still work to be done
‘The beginning parts of working out kind of suck because you’re pushing your body so hard, you’re so tired, and you’re trying to get back into your rhythm.

‘It’s much more difficult than I think you expect it to be. I’ve been working out for 11 days now, I feel really good, but tired. My body is sore because it’s re-waking itself back up.

‘What I’m annoyed about is that I’ve read a couple of times on Twitter that, you know, they feel that I’m focusing too much on my body, but the truth is, I’ve worked out five or six days a week before I got pregnant and that’s my sanctuary and something I love to do.’

Khloe even said she plans to squeeze in workouts in between feeding her daughter True Thompson.

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