Kendall Jenner Wants to Teach ‘Copyright Troll’ a $22000 Lesson


Kendall Jenner hates her time and money being wasted, so she’s trying to make the guy who sued her pay a hefty price — but he’s fighting back with a brand new lawsuit.

Kendall’s company filed docs asking a judge to make photographer Al Pereira fork over $22k to cover her cost for needlessly defending what she calls a “frivolous” lawsuit. TMZ broke the story … Pereira sued Kendall’s co., alleging she jacked his Tupac and Biggie images and slapped them on a shirt with her face superimposed.

She apologized and removed all the shirts from her online store, and claimed although only 1 shirt was sold, Pereira got greedy and wanted $25k to “put this matter to rest.”

Here’s the weird part — he later dropped the lawsuit against Kendall, only to refile it on Friday … but now he’s going after Canada Inc., the company KJ says makes the shirts.