Katy Perry throws shade at Taylor Swift on American Idol


Katy Perry throws shade at Taylor Swift after fan gushes about her bitter rival as auditions continue

Katy Perry used her new gig on American Idol to throw shade at bitter rival Taylor Swift.

As the new judges went through their latest round of auditions, Luke Bryan asked one of the hopefuls who he looked up to as an artist.

‘I’m sorry for this Katy – Taylor Swift,’ the hopeful said, acknowledging the two stars’ feud but with Katy, 33, insisting: ‘You don’t have to be sorry.’
However when he repeated ‘I love Taylor Swift!’ Katy could not hide her smile as she made a dig at her former friend’s personality, merely saying: ‘I love her as a songwriter as well.’

The latest round of auditions saw Katy repeatedly flirting with contestants and goofing around – putting a Whoopee Cushion under Lionel Richie’s chair and joining Luke in putting on a black wig and mustache to look like the soul legend.

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