Katy Perry takes a tumble and flashes fellow ‘American Idol’ judges


American Idol auditions continued Monday night, and one contestant had the judges on their feet. Well, at least for a bit.

Venezuelan singer Michelle Sussett was all about turning up the energy in the room. As she told judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, “I consider myself a show-woman. I’m here to make people dance, laugh and enjoy music, and make them have a super, super happy moment.” Sussett kicked off her audition by singing a cappella in Spanish, then suddenly stopped to play music from her portable speaker. Sussett asked the judges to stand up and dance with her. Perry seemed to have reservations but eventually obliged.

There was definitely some awkwardness as the three judges stepped onto the floor to bust a move, and things got even more awkward when Perry slipped and fell. It wasn’t embarrassing, though. In fact, the pop star — who was wearing a minidress — turned her tumble into a hilarious moment as she proceeded to pretend as if she couldn’t get off the floor, slipping and spreading her legs wide. No one was quite sure what was happening, but Perry’s wardrobe malfunction was handled, thanks to Richie and Bryan. After they had helped Perry to her feet, Richie said, “Some things you have to do for the business. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it,” while Bryan added, “There are things a man can’t unsee.”

It was all jokes and games and, in the end, the judges gave Sussett a golden ticket to Hollywood, because they thought she was superfun. “She may be the next damn Jennifer Lopez,” Bryan said.

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