Kanye West Doesn’t Like Kim Kardashian’s SEXY Instagram Posts


Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Doesn’t Love Her Sexy Instagrams, Talks Tristan Cheating, California Wildfires

Kim Kardashian drops by “Ellen” on Tuesday where she opens up about her sexy social posts, Kanye’s love of fatherhood and gives away a ton of money.

Kim Kardashian dropped by “Ellen” on Wednesday to talk about a whole lot of things, and give away a half-million dollars.

It was a productive exchange between Ellen DeGeneres and Mrs. Kardashian West as Ellen kept throwing up pictures and demanding explanations. She also totally outed momager Kris Jenner for making fun of Kim’s love of designer bike shorts — and yet she’s never biking when she wears them.

Kim didn’t seem familiar with Kris’ comments, and later she wasn’t familiar with Travis Scott’s appearance on “Ellen,” either. She tried to play that one off by saying she watches “Ellen,” but just hadn’t seen that episode, which makes us want to ask, do you? Do you really watch “Ellen”? It’s okay to say you don’t, you know.

Kim did take her mom’s ribbing in good spirits, though, teasing her right back. “I’ve been wearing bike shorts for years now and now every other designer is selling them,” she told Ellen. “I’m taking that ten percent away from her on those bike shorts. She said she didn’t like them, well she’s cut out of that percentage.”

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Digging into the archives all the way back early August, Ellen decided to do some teasing of her own by picking one of Kim’s more ridiculous Instagram posts. Because doesn’t everyone bake in a matching pair of undies and bra? Well, as it turns out, not even Kim does that.

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